In 2014 Aleksander Berezkin was forced to emigrate to the United States. He was prosecuted in Russia as LGBTQI activist.

I didn’t know where to go for help in the new country. I didn’t know where I can find a doctor who knows how to work with intersex people or at least has an idea about them. And what medical insurance is best for intersex people? I remember my health deteriorated significantly without hormones for several couples of months.

I also lacked emotional support. I didn’t know where I can find a psychologist who could help me, as intersex. I met such a specialist and began to educate her about intersex people. We helped each other.

For my asylum-seeker case, I had to write legal information on intersex issues. No one had such expertise regarding human rights concerns of intersex people in Russia or upon immigrating to the USA.

These experiences made me realized the dearth of resources  for intersex people who find themselves in similar situations: unable to stay in their home countries due to stigma and persecution, and lacking adequate support and community resources after immigration.

It was reasons to establish Intersex Immigrants Network for improving the social lives of intersex immigrants and those intersex people who have significant risk of forced migration from their native countries to safer places. Our organization was established in September, 2018. Now we are in a process of incorporating our organization for providing better resources and support for intersex people and intersex immigrants in the USA and internationally. Also, we hope that our information resources will be interesting and useful for all intersex allies and other immigrants.